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In this project, STATIC MOTION, i attempt to make the seemingly static nature of buildings into something more malleable. The intention of the project was to recreate the feeling of movement when you look up at a building or structure. The slightly queezy feeling one gets when looking up into the space of a larger object i feel was created here using multiple exposures and the movement of the camera as i shot. I decided to use some more known buildings and some lesser known structures together so there is this sense of familiarity and then the audience will be thrown off with a foreign feeling, this also incorporates the 'queezy' feeling into the member of the audience looking at my work. STATIC MOTION was my first large project ever created using the medium of film photography. It is something that i do feel is over however at somewhat of a stand still for the moment. For me, as long as i get the feeling of motion when looking at static objects, the more i will continue to create for this project.  

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