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LOVE & LOATHING is a project solely based on place and time. At the start of my 16th year I started to get really ill with my mental health. I was developing what we later know as Schizoaffective Disorder. I started to hallucinate badly, and it would get increasingly more intense when I was alone and outside. As part of a way to earn money I used to dog walk in my local park. This was where I used to do a lot of my hallucinating, in particular how I would die. There was a specific series of trees in which I would see myself perishing in one way or another. The following images depict my venture through the park after 7 years of going nowhere near it. The images are dark and dingy, and they clearly demonstrate my feelings when I was 16 and later while I am 24. The park is no longer my enemy but now just somewhere I have been. Using the camera, I was able to objectify the trees, greenery and paths through my childhood.

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