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In the series SEXUALISING I capture my mother as she moves from a maternal figure to an overly sexual character. This came about from an investigation into the ageing of my parents and my fear for their imminent demise. Whilst studying her bare skin close up, looking for signs of ageing I noticed her reluctance and discomfort in front of the camera, which urged me to explore and challenge this shy side of my mum. Moving on to more staged scenes of her in her underwear, I began to capture my mother as she took on a more vixen role. The pearl necklaces, naively added as a symbol of elegance, gave unintentional sexual connotations. This accidental sexualising of the woman that raised me, that always provided me with nurture and comfort, was an uncomfortable revelation for me. SEXUALISING helped me to understand my mother as someone not just a mother but as her own person. 

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