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'You Must Leave Now' is a series where I look into my own mental health and its effects on the people around me. The involvement of the sea is important as it locates the project, Brighton has been a major step in the improvement of my mental health. I moved to Brighton to complete a Master's Degree in Photography and therefore had to step out of my secluded life in Tunbridge Wells. I was unable to hold down a job or education before this point due to declining health. I was constantly on the 'rocks' of well and unstable, being told my every step was the norm for me. 

Brighton has allowed for me to continue to further my knowledge of my mental health which in turn then allows for me to cope with declining moments.

This series 'You Must Leave Now' has allowed for me to understand better the affects my mental health has had on the closest to me. By using the forever changing weather within my work I have been able to portray the ups and downs of being around me. The alternative perspectives has also been beneficial for me to understand that I am not always just Lily, but Lily with a mental condition, something which I have been ashamed to say for some time now. The comfortability of understanding this part of me is a part of me, as opposed to an addition, has been a new feature of my understanding since moving to Brighton late last year. 

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